Sunday, February 6, 2011

Back to Paris?

Sometime in the past year, it became clear that French has a permanent place not only in my life, but in my career. And so does teaching. My current high school teaching job is for the most part an incredibly positive experience, which proves among other things that the older my students the better. It feels much more natural teaching teenagers than it did 6-11 year olds. What I really see myself doing, though, is teaching at the university level.

So why the sudden blog update? Well, I of course need a Master's, if not a doctorate, to begin teaching at a university. A few days ago, I received a very exciting email. I've been accepted into Middlebury! I've applied to IU Bloomington and Purdue, which are closer to home, but... an MA with Middlebury could mean returning to Paris for a year in September.

I thought that merited a blog update. :) We'll see.